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The online art gallery, sell art on the web and on the highstreet.

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Colour Blind Me helps artists sell their art. Artists benefit from online promotion and sales. Artists have opportunites to display their work in many venues, with confidence that they will receive payment if their products sell.


Each artist has their own website. Web-pages include: about page; contact page; pages that display images of art; shop pages selling products.

The web-store sells art products online. Not only can online customers pay to ship products to their address, online customers can also arrange to collect products from venues, avoiding shipping fees.


Venues allow artists to expose their work to the public. Venues are able to sell the work using cash or card. Venues use the Colour Blind Me software to sell the work, ensuring artists are paid fairly. An up to date stock count of products on the artist's website is maintained, even if products are sold at a venue. Venues are varied, they can include: bars; cafes and commercial art galleries.


Colour Blind Me caters for a variety of product types: originals; limted editions and digital prints. Clear distinction is made between these different product forms, so customers understand what they are paying for. Digitally printed products ordered to be shipped (not collected) are printed and shipped on-demand, helping artists scale their business.

Sell art on the web and on the highstreet.

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Venues profit on commission by selling art.

Increase Footfall

All venues feature on the Colour Blind Me map, found on our home-page, directing art lovers to your venue. Add attraction to your venue and decorate your walls with a changing display of quality art.

Simple Accounting

Stress free and easy integration into your company accounts. Colour Blind Me software calculates monies taken and commission owed. This data is transparently available at anytime. Accounts are available in CSV format to easily import into spreadsheet softwares.


Earn commission on sales from artist websites. Customers can pay online and collect from the venue. Colour Blind Me software makes it simple to verify the customer has paid.


Ship products located at your venue to customers in return for commission on the sale. Colour Blind Me software generates shipping labels for printing.

Product Labels

Colour Blind Me software makes it easy to print professional labels using an A4 printer. Scanning labels makes sales quick and easy.

Display and sell art at your venue.

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